Product Specification

The TDC-3 is designed and manufactured to serve the most demanding divers. It runs a dive computer version of MultiDeco. Whether the plan is for a shallow warm water reef, running line in a new passage of cave, or penetrating a deep wreck, the TDC-3 provides the information divers need and the peace of mind they desire. Running the same software technical divers have come to trust on both the X1 and the DR5 dive computers, the Multi-Deco platform offers the options of V-Planner with either VPM-B and B/E or Buhlmann (ZHL-16c) with Gradient Factors. This gives the diver the ability to select which decompression model and conservatism level is right for them. An intuitive user-interface and highly-readable well organized information on the screen ensure the diver has all the tools they require.


  • Ultra-clear high resolution 2.2" display with automatic brightness
  • Redundant (fail over) dual user-changeable AA batteries
  • Runs on 3.6v lithium, or regular 1.5v alkaline batteries
  • Low profile design with integrated bungee-cord and strap mounting
  • Intuitive menu system using both taps or buttons
  • MultiDeco-TDC software platform offers choice of VPM-B or ZHL-16c GF algorithms, and aligns with existing MultiDeco planning
  • Dive logging and graphing in all modes
  • Wifi-direct software update and dive log downloading
  • Customize screen text colors and layout


  • All metal alloy machined body.
  • Display - 320x240 color TFT LCD
  • Battery Type - Saft lithium metal 3.6v (also AA 1.5v capable)
  • Battery Life - 60 to 100 dives average (each) or 1 year storage
  • Number of Gases - 10 for all functions
  • Dive Log - online dive logs with html5 browser viewing in any device
  • Depth Rating - 150m (preliminary)
  • Inbuilt compass with 90° tilt compensation
  • EXT model has Fischer connecter for 1, 2,or 3 oxygen cell inputs.

Multiple Dive Modes

  • Open Circuit - Up to 10 gases (air, nitrox, and trimix)
  • Rebreather - Constant (set-point) PO2, 10 CCR gases, 5 bailout gases, 2 bail out plans
  • Gauge - Depth, time, average, countdown timer, stopwatch, 4 user defined preset stop tables


  • Size - 85 x 74 x 24mm (3.375 x 2.875 x 1.0 inch)
  • Weight - 220gram (7.75 ounce) with batteries

Download the TDC-3 user manualpdf user manual